Awaken the Spirit – The Sacred Texts of Jesus

In 2005 Jay Jeffries began the long journey of commissioning a book, to capture the attention of New Spirituality seekers. Provisionally titled ‘Awaken the Spirit – The Sacred Text of Jesus’, the book is intended to appeal to those seekers who are interested in the person of Jesus, but do not prescribe to any religious following. The book will be published in late 2013.

Weaved between the Sacred Texts of Jesus, includes meditations, prayers, personal stories of spiritual seekers, beautiful poetry and several topical articles which help give a broader perspective on Jesus’ teachings. Some of these topics include: Crystals, Angels, the Environment, Wisdom, and Astrology.

For far too long the sacred texts have been inaccessible to spiritual seekers who want to know about the real Jesus and connect with him in a real and relationally deep way.

The book is a fresh approach to engaging the modern day spiritual seekers with the person of Jesus. It is our hope it will capture the attention of the many different people out there seeking spiritual guidance.

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By Joel McKerrow

By Joel McKerrow -

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